Tuesday, September 20, 2005


The Macarthur Genius awards were announced today and once again I was over looked. Former Director of the Colorado symphony Marin Alsop was give nte award which is fantastic.. Have a look the list of all the smart people that won the award Artists scientist and you name it. I want to remind you that the next time that someone says that they have a genius level IQ to tell them that they are FULL OF IT !! don't even be nice about it.. People who say they have high IQ's are liars.. Maybe they do.. But they ladies out there know what I am talking about in regards to inflating numbers to seem bigger then somethings are. For example the penis I am quite sure that most men when they say they have a huge dong are liars so they same goes with the IQ . Persons who claim to have a HIGH IQ are dumbshits plain and simple.. I am only writing this as a disclaimer because the next 6 months this blog is going to change directions and you will find that I will not be posting such randomness but rather, this will be a process journal of my passion Media Studies. So here if you read some crap where I am seeming pompous or pretentious please by all means write me and say you are full of shit. I have a few people do that already but that is when I write about politics seems that politics and porn are the only thing that gets people motivated on this blog. I am dead serious when I say that the NUMBER ONE IMAGE that is bringing folks from all over the world to this blog is an image of a ROBOT WOMAN this is not a Joke people. You can do the research yourself. This is fascintating the fact that humans all over the planet are interested in an image that to see they have to google the keywords "SEXY ROBOT" . So that means that there are a lot of horny people out there wanting to look at sexy robots.. That is HOT. If you think about it. In terms of transasthetics it is HOT HOT HOT..Some cyber slut can give you a blowjob but most likely she will tell someone about it or she might complain but robot's have no feeling so sex with robots even in a virtual situation is ideal. WOW ! Who are the people that google SEXY ROBOT what are they thinking when they google SEXY ROBOT. Keyword search is a phenomenon that is of big interest to me ( and not from a commerce point of view). I used to have the TOP ten keywords sent to my email. This was a fascintating thing to read . As the words were also words like SEX,PORN,TITS,PUSSY, BIBLE,PARIS HILTON. I am not sure why the bible is the mix there but it rarely deviated from this list. I LOST INTEREST QUICKLY.