Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Disabled access

I am working with a woman the rest of this week ( her name is DEE) about access for visually impaired people on the web, the technologies that do and do not support this and the problems that visually impaired persons experience when the are on the web. How can a person who is visually impaired read most of the academic journals online as the format that is currently in place for the publication of theses journals is in a format that does not allow for ease of reading for the visually impaired.
Some of the things that Dee has said are really fascinating for instance " i want to be able to go to grad school and not have to worry about if i have access to all of the materials, rather I want to base my choice of a school solely on my intellect, not what I can't have access too" This is the basic reasoning behind the ADA law passed in the 70's I think that part of my process over the next 6 months of study will possible change as I had not put into the blender of my research accessibility issues. How can we have a true democratization of the world through the use of the internet when there is limits to who can have access to the information on the web ? cyberleninism is built out of the ideals of Marxism and Leninism with the notion that information will form the next revolution that democratization of the entire planet cannot happen until there is equality for everyone, Or " we can never be free if others are in bondage"
I have discussed creating an activist site with her and working towards a process of empowerment and awareness of theses issues "for every person that does not have a voice millions more are silent" I hope that by working with Dee I can have a better understanding of my own research and studies. I am truly a lucky man to have met her.