Thursday, January 20, 2005

Query Letters I Love

Query Letters I LoveWasn't this an episode of Scooby Doo?

"Logline: Maverick ufologist Max Mascot must solve the case of alien visitations at the home of glamorous perfume executive Crystal Muvlin before his pretentious celebrity arch-rival, Dr. Sanford Stoffer, beats him to the punch.

Synopsis: Ufologist Max Mascot is struggling for a career breakthrough when his longtime partner, Birch, leaves him. As Max recovers from her departure, he’s called to investigate alien visitations at the estate of Crystal Muvlin, perfume company executive. Desperate to land the case, Max takes on an eager but untested college kid as his new partner. What Max and Crystal don’t know is that the alien is actually Crystal’s resentful ex-husband in disguise, intent on stealing Crystal’s antique cologne decanters. After Max offends her VIP visitor, Finnish fragrance master Oli Bukkonen, Crystal dismisses him and hires his rival, Dr. Sanford Stoffer. Birch now works with Stoffer, a pompous promoter of theories that aliens are reincarnated humans. Max must outwit Stoffer to salvage his career and prove that his alien theories are correct."

And this is my favorite part...

"I recently completed a doctorate in literature, am a professional in the field of English education."