Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Poetry Reading

Karla and I performed last night. This was only the second time that we performed together. The last time was 2 years ago in Baton Rouge LA for a conference at LSU. She and I worked closely on this project, working together on both the poems and the music. I think the result is OK. If you would like to hear it please let me know I can send you the MP3.

In this photo you can see me with my two prosthetic brains. I love these little guys. They really make my world go around.

I guess there is a video of the performance as well. The camera luckily was on Karla most of the night. I guess they knew I would break the camera.

I love that when I arrived at the theater to set up there was a piano bench for me to set on. It is really funny to me as most folks do not think that what I do is music so the fact that I was able to set on a bench that was designed for the use with another type of machine was really really funny to me.. It was one of my favorite parts of the night.

Karla took this while we were rehearsing the night before the performance. sad eyes. sad eyes. always sad eyes.