Saturday, March 11, 2006

Homophonic Translation of Robert Frost Poem The Road Not Taken

The TAKEN ROAD rerouted not two roads in a yellow wood, and did not bellow profondement that I could not travel the two and a traveler longer to be, had I had, and I drip myself, could of losed off looked at held until today, where he folded in the underworld; Then other one just perhaps took to those thus hardly and into having the better complaint, since grass was - as and uses itself planned; however, he interested, had there really nearly identically transported himself the excess it, and all and two that the internal part from the morning expands similarly, do not leave a phase that went into the blackness. Ampere-hour, which remains maintaining in prime numbers for another, BRAVE ! The nice space bar however the kind in consequence hollow and moving ' he never carries doubted not for reference. I will say those with the obsolescence one sigh any part and will thus age: Two roads rerouted in a wood, and it took this at will, which was crossed close, and that he made the whole difference.

I wrote this poem this week