Monday, March 20, 2006

Back from Vermont

I am back from Vermont. I had such an amazing time. Now I have to start my research into the History of electronic music. I am currently reading " The Futurist Moment" Marjorie Perloff. I have a 3rd or fourth edition of the book, this edition contains a new preface that she wrote post 9-11.

I have only read the preface to the book and a few pages of chapter one thus far, but so far so good. An engaging book exciting history. What a wonderful period of time.
“I am not a poet. I am a libertine. I have no method of working. I have a sex… And if I write, it is perhaps out of need, for my health, even as one eats, one breathes, one sings……..
Literature is a part of life. It is not something “special.” I do not write by vocation. Living is not a vocation. I have written my most beautiful poems in the great cities, among five million men-or, not forgetting the most beautiful games of my childhood, five thousand leagues under the sea in the company of Jules Verne. All of life is nothing but a poem, a movement…..” (Perloff, Marjorie . The Futurist Moment. 3rd ed. Chicago: Chicago Press, 1987.)

I also have a copy of a book called “Futurist Manifesto’s” which is more in line in my research. Perloff’s book is really a book about the poetics that developed at that time. I am interested in obtaining more a general sense of what the futurist movement was all about. If anyone knows of where to find recordings of futurist music please let me know.