Saturday, January 28, 2006

Knowledge,Forms, The Aviary

My wife's Book has been released. Please go to the Ahsahta Press Website and purchase her book, she will be pleased as punch. If we know and love you, please send us the copy you purchased, and Karla will sign it for you. Karla is so excited about her book. She has not received her copies of it in the mail yet, so I have been waiting daily for the UPS man to drive up in his little truck and drop it off. I hope you enjoy reading this book. I am so proud of Karla, she worked so many long days and nights on this book. I do not believe that I can accurately describe how wonderful and beautiful this book is, as much of my love and adoration for this woman is wrapped into every part of her being, her love of poetry, the world, life, everything is full of wonder to her (wonderful) and deserves investigation. I know for me, this book captures much of her mind, spirit, and love of the world.