Monday, January 02, 2006

hav'nt slept in my own bed for 10 days now

I am back from my travels. Karla and I went to LA for 4 days and then to DC for 4 days. I figured out that we travelled over 10,000 miles in those 8 days. I flew on jetblue for the first time, I have to say I LOVE THAT AIRLINE. If i am going to fly anywhere on the west coast or anywhere jetblue flies i will take jetblue. LA was amazing, I got to see alot of family there and 20 foot waves. Being from the high plains of colorado I had only seen the ocean a few times until recently. 20 foot waves are rare in Orange county CA so even the local people where surprised at the size of the waves. Karla and went to beach every morning around 6 am and watched the waves for a couple of hours. I had heard that Santa Claus surfs on Xmas morning, which I now suspect is BULLSHIT. I had 2 full hours of freetime while I was in Long Beach and I ahd the chance to just sit by myself and read and eaves drop on people ( two of my favorite things to do) I picked up the new WinterPills album which is wonderful by the way, beautiful harmonies and outstanding song writing. I put the album on my pod while sitting at a cafe reading a book that Karla gave me for xmas called Media Ecologies (MIT PRESS , I am forging a love affair with MIT press). I won't go into the book now as I plan on writing a crap load about it. After we came back from LA we went to DC and there we saw our friend Lourdes and Chris and we we to dinner had the Italian food. DC is a great town, this was my 3rd time visiting DC and everytime I am there I find myself wishing that I am a spy. I might have to look into that for a possible job, if there is anyone out there that knows how I can break into the spy biz let me know. I saw alot of "famous" paintings in DC . I think I would rather pose next to "famous" paintings then famous monuments. Saw the Air and space museum as well. The last time I was at the museum they had not hung up SPACESHIP ONE, the first civilian subspace orbiter, when I walk into the museum I almost pissed myself when I saw it hanging in from the ceiling WOW. After DC we trucked back to Selinsgrove, PA. Friends of ours were planning on meeting us in our little town from W. VA and Upstate NY. They stayed with us for NYE , it was so nice to have friends from afar visit us. It really made Karla and I feel like we lived on our little island. Now it's back to theory of human bevhaviour and technology. so if you are interested in the dry and boring theory of Heidegger stay tuned as I will be writing quite a bit about it..
love, peace and harmony for everyone.