Saturday, December 10, 2005

NEOPETS... Virtual Pets

I finally had a chance last night to read some of my Wired Magazine. NEOPETS.. if you are a person who thinks Tom Cruise is nuts, as well as all of the scientologist ,then you may want to know aware that the CEO of the NEOPETS, is scientology devotee Doug Doughring,
In the recent article in Wired Magazine( full article here) which discusses one of the things that Doughring brings to the table, his commitment to the Church Of Scientology. The article also discusses how Doughring developed his bussiness model from The ideas of L Ron Hubbard, using a system of managment developed by the Ol Org, who ruled the galaxy for nearly 80 Trillon years. So what can we learn from this ? Well for starters the Church Of Scientolgy, it seems to me that the people that practice this religion seem to care less about the lack of quality in the products that they produce for entertainment, You cannot honestly say that WAR OF THE WORLDS was a good film. During the publicity of that film Tom Cruise was outed as being a COMPLETE NUT JOB, or Becks new Album is worthy of shelf space at the dollar store. Now the Neopets thing takes the cake, as we see the The Church Of Scientology busying themselves creating memorials to those who have suffered at the hands of the mental health industry, they are also busy brain washing kids into wanting coco puffs and mcdonalds on the NeoPets Site. I guess in thier minds if a Kid has ADD from sitting in front of a TV and computer all day long, it is probally not a good idea to medicate them. Not that I am bitter and angry about the whole crazymeds thing, I honestly think they are over prescribed, and the science behind them is faulty. But that is besides the point, I am not part of a dangerous religious cult( i think). I hope you follow some of the links that i created for this post, you will notice I did not create a single link to the neopets site or a Tom Crusie glorification site ,or a site glorifying Beck, wait wait I did want to link to Becks site, but that is a joke unto it's self have a look at that peice of work I won't add a link here though.