Thursday, October 27, 2005

Medium Age of TV viewers

Television isn't for kids and and teens anylonger. It looks like the medium age of television has changed. It has been known for the past few years that teens and 20 somethings no longer watch television for hours and hours. Here are some numbers that I read in entertainment weekly this morning.
the simpsons average viewer is 29.0 years old
The OC average viewer is 30.5 ( heard of it never watched it)
Everybody Hates Chris ( I have never even heard of this show) average is 32.0
Prison Break ( man I am out of the TV loop never heard of this either) 35.6
LOST 43.3 ( love this show, but according to wire it is tired to talk about lost)
ER average 43.7 (I have honestly never watched this show)
Joey 45.0 ( never heard of it)
Survivor 46.5 ( never watched it)
Two and a Half Men ( never heard of it until today, but actually watched this show on an american airlines flight to LA did'nt know the name of the show, I took off my head phones in the midst of reading HOW WE BECAME POST HUMAN to see this show playing, I knew it was a sitcom and decided i better watch for research, I found it very sad that this is what is called entertainment) 49.6
Ghost Whisperer ( never heard of it) 53.0
Desperate Housewives 42.6 ( never seen it)
CSI 49.1 ( never seen it)
Without a Trace ( never heard of it) 51.8
Commander In Chief 54.0 (never heard of it)
THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE. Information is disembodied and a world of teens and twenty-somethings have grown up in a world where television and it's marketing seems transparent and almost insulting to a demographic that is able to access entertainment in a manner that is at their demand rather then what what some suits in NYC think people want. A recent article in wired pointed out that a website called gets more hits per day then google. Check out the site and see what it is all about. This type of interactive niche marketing has been growing the past few years and will continue to grow and become even more sophisticated to meet the interests of advertisers.