Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Me you and everyone we know

I watched this (Me you and everyone we know) film last night. I have to say this is a great film. Imagine a film that makes you laugh from this ))<>(( . I don't want to ruin the film so I am not going to give any details other then what I gleamed from the film. The film tackles issues like , disconnect from body as well as disconnect from other humans, how we are completely and utterly unable to communicate with one another because of Technology. The film illustrates this is a way that is surprisingly not a cyberpunk dystopian nightmare but rather, the average and mundane is transformed into something that has a supremely quality,which is at the same time heartbreakingly beautiful and funny.the final scence is that of a young boy tapping a coin on a street post, making the sunrise to his tempo. Sadly and luckily there are some deleted parts of the film that make it to the extra features section. WATCH THEM. The deleted scence's are more telling of the writer/director Miranda July's vision ( which I am not going to discuss). I can say that this film left me feeling different.