Thursday, October 20, 2005

How the Clitoris, is a direct feedback to why the internet is succesful .

the larger the link the more i think you should do the clicking on it

I have been asking myself over and over again, why is it that everyday people are coming to this Blog after doing a Google of Clitoris or sexy robot
after several months of asking why ? I still have not come up with answer until today.

I have been reading How we became Post-Human by N.Katherine Hayle. A great read by the way. She details the history of cybernetic theory beginning with the Macy conference and up to present time. My question is again “why do people keep coming to my blog after Googling the words either “clitoris” or “SEXY ROBOT” this baffles me, at first I wanted to merely dismiss it as being horny people surfing the web for sex stuff. But that does not solve the question. WHY.

Hayle discusses about Harraway in “A Cyborgs Manifesto” “Cyborg violates the human/machine distinction; replacing cognition with neural feedback…. a pleasurably tight coupling between parts that are never to touch mingling of erotically charged violations with potent new fusions the cyborg becomes the stage on which are performed contestations about the boundaries that have often marked class, ethnic and cultural differences.” (P.84)

This struck me as an answer to my question when I read this. As I realized that the cybernaut on the other end of information loop between me and them is the computer and the network. So between me and the person on the person on the other end exists this network of computers and ideas. The process of acquiring this information about the clitoris or sexy robot is a disconnect from the physical, there is in a sense a “Heaven” or a paradise that is being manufactured in the mind of the cybernaut on the other end, breaking all of the social boundaries and exploring the erotic virtually. This virtual eroticism is created through a network of something that escapes the cybernaut. Just as we take the light bulb for granted or the electricity that powers the computer that we are using, so too does the cybernaut distance themselves from the actuality of the information that they are viewing. It is forgotten that information does have a body that it starts from somewhere. Hayle writes about Mathematician Norbert Weiner “language is always analogical in the sense that it puts forth the propositions that listeners must interpret from their own experiences, which is never identical to the speakers, this argument anticipates Arhib-Hesse argument that signification occurs through category constitution not through communication of an Aristotelian essence.” So as little robots navigating the internet we have forgotten that there are actual people on the other end thinking and breathing and creating. The non-human robot woman is an ideal that fulfills this fantasy of objectification with out guilt.