Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Grand theft Auto Cheats

I recently read an article in Harpers about the HIT video game Grand Theft Auto. I am fascinated by the complexity of rituals involved with "getting a girlfriend" in a virtual space. I cannot help but think of McLuhan and Virilio when they talk about the disconnect from the body,mind and actual space. The over stimulation of the nervous system must create a rewiring of the central nervous system, according to Mcluhan when we over stimulate the nervous system we "self-amputate" part of out body as well. I wonder what part of the body has been 'amputated" from the countless people playing this game. as the prothesis is the game itself, involves the stimulation of visual,auditory and tactile senses. perhaps this is a complete body amputation.
Millie Quickie:

The biggest problems with girlfriends, is that they are never home
Equip the "Gimp" special outfit at your closest save point, preferably the one East of Millie's house. Then goto her house at 12:00. There should be a red marker indicating a date. Step into the marker and you will automatically go into the sex scene for Millie, completing your date with her.

Repeat this quickly by rushing back to your safe house East of Millie's house, a one minute, thirty second quick drive. Save three times and go back to Millie's.

Now you have now found a fast way to get that keycard without wasting your time and leaving her alive..

After you get the keycard, you really don't have to go on more than five dates with Millie with this trick. Each bondage session is +10% on your rating with Millie. As long as you make it over 50% and aquired her pink Club, you have gained all the rewards possible for Millie.

User Cheat by RetroGamer

Cars you can get by dating girls
Date any of these girls and get your relationship to 50% and you will get the keys to their car.

Date Helena

Date Millie

Green hustler:
Date Denise

Monster Truck:
Date Michelle

Date Barbara

Date Katie

User Cheat by BudLight

Dating missions: Finding Barbara:
You can find Barbara at the El Quebrados Sheriff parking lot between 16:00 and 06:00.

Dating missions: Denise bonuses:
Reach 50% progress with Denise. You will get the keys to the Hustler car in her yard.

Dating missions: Helena bonus:
Reach 50% progress with Helena to get a flamethrower, 9 mm pistol, chainsaw, and Molotov cocktails at her house.

User Cheat by AllNightGamer

Dating missions: Finding Helena:
You can find Helena in the Blueberry area of Red County, taking shooting practice on top of the Ammu-Nation store from 08:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 02:00.

Dating missions: Katie bonuses:
Reach 50% progress with Katie. After getting wasted, you will still have your weapons and not lose money.

Go slow or stop near a hooker and if she says \"Want a good time baby\" press the right key on the D-pad. She will then get in the car. Drive to a secluded place (some prefer more secluded to others) and you will see the car moving up and down and hear graphic sounds. After you have finished the controller will vibrate for a second. Once the hooker gets out of the car you can kill her and get you money back. If you have completed the 10 pimp missions (must be done all at once) the hookers will pay you to have sex with them.

User Cheat by samantha

Finding Girlfriend-Michelle:
Go into the driving school for cars after you've completed driving school, and she will be standing towards the back. (Note: You must have enough sex appeal for her to go out with you) When you start going out with her, she will repair your car in her car garage for FREE! (Just like Pay\'N\'Spray, but no cost!)