Saturday, October 29, 2005


Here is the story I am involved in an exciting project right now for Tom Bailey's book promotion "The grace that keeps this world" a wonderful book released on Random House . An amazing read. I am creating a sound collage for his reading. I have also composed a score for the book as if it were a film. I can tell you that the process has been wonderful. I have been researching the birds of the Andirondaks. The composition consists of bird calls and violin as well as some analog synth sounds that i created. I can tell you that is so so beautiful here in pennsylvania. It is getting cold, tonight we are going to go out to an apple orchard and help some friends pick apples to make cider. I have no complaints. I have been composing like mad. I have written 30 songs since july and painted 6 paintings and read almost 28 books.. I am currently reading Negroponte.. I will be traveling to denver soon. I cannot wait to see my friends and family. I am also hoping to record a little music while I am there. I hope so.