Saturday, October 22, 2005

for my own reference

This is for my own sanity.. as i need to keep track of everything i am reading somehow.. if you happen to read this and think of something that i might want to read let me know.. thanks
I have thus far the past month read
how we became post human
Open Sky
Understanding media
hacker manifesto.
as well as I essay concerning the history of THE WELL
another about "emotive induced blindness" by Dr. Most of Yale (great read thanks for sending it via email)
several interviews and essays concerning the work of Katherine Hayle
Michael Heims "the metaphysics of virtual reality"
being digital by Negroponte
portions of the Communist manifesto
I attended a lecture called GUNS GERMS AND STEEL how civilizations fail plan to read it.
Also read a host of crap on the internet. Including a bunch of shit written by pretentious lit fucks that have little or no talent but seek to undermine those that do have talent. Not being a writer I find this really sad and almost funny. ALAN CORDLING WHO PICKED YOUR WIFES BOOK? no more links to this scumbag until he answers my question ALAN CORDLING WHO PICKED YOUR WIFES BOOK? ALAN CORDLING WHO PICKED YOUR WIFES BOOK? on this blog.
read some stuff about language and goddess culture (CRAP) also read an article in the UTNE READER (reminds me I need to send a letter to the author of the article which was garbage) all about how men need to get in touch with their fem side (as if something is wrong with being a man) really screwed up sensibilities some liberal thought produces (don’t worry I am a liberal) also read the NY times articles in my catalog daily concerning all sorts of media studies. read interesting articles on concerning the sad state of affairs in current US policy of DNS control ( about as fucked up as our Foreign policy) read The Wire UK magazine and wired magazine, harpers, and some old issues of the economist laying around. parts of a book that is on the back of my toilet ( Buddhist terminology dictionary of sorts). Read some magazines on the airplane USNEWS what waste of paper that thing is. Seriously if I ever pick USNEWS up again it will because of one of two things 1. I have been brainwashed and turned into a RIGHT WING ROBOT (if you click the link there is an actual photo of a giant robot trying to destroy manhattan)or 2. I need toilet paper. THE SAME GOES FOR THE UTNE READER. I am ranting on this thing which is something that I have stopped doing, but for the love of Maude it has been raining for nearly 2 weeks solid the only sunshine I saw was on LA after I took 12 hour flight because for some reason I had to make a layover in Texas for two hours.. Speaking of airport lay over, I recently learned from TOM BAILEY that layovers are all about the airport bar... I think that is true.,, drink vodka or beer at the airport bar then fall asleep in your little airplane chair while reading a book about how we are not really human anymore.. That is about as human as you can get! Pathetic but human non-the less (click the last link for a really nice photo of the future of our evolution). only predict what has already happened