Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Reply to the person who posted on my blog

I guess I posted something on my blog awhile ago in reference to calling myself a Jackass for falling for some internet hoax. A person took the time to post a reply. I thought that I would share the post with anyone who cares to read this
If the writer feels he is a jackass because he fell for this hoax - why is he perpetuating it?

Does he seek a higher degree of jackassery?

Or is he simply looking for company?

After all, if misery loves company, why not jackasses?

JDoN of nassau@sympatico.ca

Please feel free to write this person with any of your thoughts

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am sure that your comment will make my life and day all the more pleasant. Please comment on my blog more often your insightful thoughtful comments are much appreciated.I liked what you had to say about Jackassery and Jackass. I do not remember the post that you posted your reply on but if i find the time (which I highly doubt I will read what i wrote perhaps some months ago and try to remember my state of mind, after which I will kindly write back to you and provide you with the information that that you might need) as one cynical, ironic,jaded,loser to another I hope you can understand the sarcasm contained within the letter that I am currently writing.
Thoughtly Yours
Peter Strange Yumi