Monday, August 29, 2005

The American ?

The American Check-Up You must be 15. Not only are you a disillusioned ideologue, but you have links to porn sites and curse words on your site: immature. Now, republicans are the only ones with issues, eh? What about the infidelity of Slick Billy? No comment I'm sure...
to make a point "slick billy" was banging his intern, sorry that upset you so much his blowjob, but as i recall he wasn't behaving like a hate mongrel Comparing Gays and Lesbians to dogs ( like the R senator of PA) or trying to infringed on the rights of americans to marry and have the life that they choose it seems to be the political mess that you have your self wrapped up in that has deluded you. I should say that I am not what you think in terms of my politics, firstly I am 100% towards globalization, I am 100 % for reorganizing or public school system, but it must be done in a way that does not help to further create class division. If you look at facts schools that are predominately white are funded almost twice what minority schools are. The voucher system will only further distance the gap between Americans of all races and genders purely on an economic basis. If someone can please explain to me how the voucher system will not create further class division, I would love to hear it. But as of now I feel that we are back stepping cultural and intellectually into areas of ignorance that this country has not seen since the 1920's. The civil rights that Americans have worked so hard to create in this country are being stepped on by both "parties". Who cares really if you are a republican or a democrat or whatever. Are you working to make the world a better place ? Or working to trample on the civil rights of others ?
So I do have curse words on my site and links to porn sites, FUCK, I am a bad man Dr.Rick, thanks for shunning me and making me feel so 'very very bad'. Supporting a web site SLA that I think promotes some of the very ideas that I just wrote about. I wonder how you might feel about the war if there was draft. As of now the war consists of people fighting it who want to. But what if you had to get off of your lazy ass away from your computer and stand in 116 degree heat and take an IED in the face. I think you might have a different tune to sing. I used to have this very one sided view of the war and the culture war, that it was just us againts them(just like you young Rick). I changed my POV as of just three days ago after talking with a nice young man who spoke of his VOLUNTEER efforts in Africa, He and I were on the same page, lets work for human goals not political or corporate goals. Good Luck Dr.Rick you will need it if there is ever a draft. With the Flip Floper president that we have now I would'nt be surprised if a draft did take place.