Thursday, May 19, 2005

New Translation of billy collins poem

I have been EXTREMLY bsuy translating the works of billy collins and robert frost into readable poetry here is my new billy collisn translation entitiled ON TURNING 10

When it the total idea, 10 of him turns, forms a feeling me, him, whereas I came to floor with something, more badly something that which it already flatulence or head pains finds, me of the value which is measured slightly in bad -- the pleasant masers of the spirit, am lucky of psyché, Pleasure seeking of the chicken,the heart to the place. It says to you that it’s also sophisticated, to consider because the back, but that you, if simplicity forgot completely, are around its and beautiful intertwined and introduced by us both. But I can meet myself in my bed and in any place to remind myself of you. On four ages one of I seldom. I was possible invisibly, drinking milk glass becomes a noted possibility. In seven, I become obsolete one soldier, nine princes. But I am now in the largest part in the window this attention rapidly in the light of the aches breaking. It a fell never then consequently serious of the meeting on the side of my house of the tree and my bicycle which the never tended meeting garage like today, the whole speed drunken blue which is discharged outside of supported him. This one is the beginning of Turkeys cries, myself I go of I -, because I twist to shoes of the universe to the well go. It is the hour, for at again examining my friend’s imaginary way of saying “stop watch”, to twist the first large number. It seems only yesterday me that I was used, believe that it did not have nocturnes no matter what under my headlights. If you cut it to me, I could gleam. But if I remove fall now in the higher surface of the ballasting of living, I with my knees. I forget