Monday, May 23, 2005

filibuster is not a 4 letter word help keep america free

filibuster, originally uploaded by totalvo.

Senators are right now debating the future of our courts and our democracy in Washington. Join MoveOn members across the country in round-the-clock, 24-hour Citizen Filibusters starting Tuesday May 24 at 12 Noon to send a message that senators should do the right thing.

This is an emergency. If Republicans succeed, theyĆ¢€™ll have complete power to reshape the Supreme Court, appointing justices who oppose the worker protections, women's rights, and environmental laws. This could be the most important decision the Senate makes this decade, because the impact of these lifetime appointments will be felt for a generation.

Please consider changing your schedule for the next couple of days to help out starting this Tuesday, May 24, at 12 noon. Host your own Citizen Filibuster to Stop the Right-Wing Power Grab or sign up for an event near you.

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