Wednesday, April 06, 2005


here is a post made by someone who assumes that i am an ignorant ass. nice have a read.

Brother, you're killing yourself and your position! You've broken SO many rules of argument it's hard to take you, or your cause seriously.

"first off all my grammer (sic) has nothing to do with the fact. . ."
Man, grammar has everything to do with credibility. I don't mean this in a condescending way, but you sound like a shaggy-haired 14 year-old, regurgitating arguments made by your aging-hippy, high school English teacher. Please don't think that I'm trying to attack you personally; you're just shooting yourself in the foot here.

". . .our soilders (sic) are acting like idiots now does it."
Come now. All soldiers are acting like idiots? Over-generalization is a tactic used by someone who is losing an argument. Do some soldiers act like idiots? Absolutely! As do some priests, parents, and presidents (It's funny how the same people who are protesting Iraq prison scandals were SILENT when Bill Clinton turned the White House into a whore house). I think you ought to give some credit to America's service-men and women. As a soldier myself, I can tell you we do more good in the world than you know. I was just down in Nicaragua last month. Yes, that's the same country we were at war with a decade ago. Today, we're building schools, clinics, and sanitary facilities in the hurricane-ravaged countryside. Betcha' didn't know that. Of course you didn't, because you, and most of the media are normally only concerned with bad deeds perpetrated by the military.

". . .america has become a country of facists (sic). . ."
I have a grandfather who spent several years in a Nazi concentration camp who would take exception to that. . .along with EVERYONE else who has suffered under fascist oppression. What do you know about fascism? You can't even spell it! I'm sorry; I'll try to stick to attacking your argument instead of you, a strategy you employ masterfully (sort of) in the next two statements:
"i sorry you are so close minded. and remember from one dyslexic to another atleast i am not quite."
I love it! Do you know the definition of a bigot,(this is peter in the quotes here. i think i will have to say your are hypocritcal of your own arguements here dumbass PETER) or close-minded person? It's a conservative who's winning an argument. No seriously, insulting someone is not the best way to make them see your point of view. Have you ever heard the saying, "it's easier to attract flies with honey, than vinegar"? I appreciate your opinion. You have a right to it (in this NON-fascist country). I just have one more question. You are one of the first people I've seen who openly criticizes American soldiers, a practice that seems politically-incorrect in this day and age. It's easy to do so behind the anonymity of a website. Why don't I see more of you and your buddies at the airports, like your bolder forbearers of the Vietnam-era? Why not go, like them, and meet returning soldiers? Why not spit on them? Why not tear the medals off their uniforms? Why not call them baby-killers and other epithets and make their wives and children cry? Why not voice your opinion for everyone to see on the evening news? Why not?
Open, intelligent, and respectful debate is a great thing, but it has to be just that: open, intelligent and respectful, qualities which none of your posts possess.
God bless,

I am glad andrew filled me in about how the media only reports on the negitive aspects of things and how i am stupid and cannot spell. thanks ass face i already knew this. and just to let you know i could spin your head off in an arguement face to face. i tend to type fast and i do not edit. I love to bait ass faces like you to type away your lives about republican rhetorical non-sense. I do have to say that since i made the post that this conservative fuck wad is so worked up about i have had a change of face about the american soilders fighting an illegal war. I feel bad for them that they have been lied to and are having to endure a war for americas wealthy. I hope Andrew you can find some common sense to try to have a true dialouge with me instead of using republican rhetoric about how i was brain washed by my high school teacher.
good luck andrew