Saturday, April 23, 2005

Robert Frosts Complete works

I am in the process of "translating" the complete works of Robert Frost. For a manuscript i have titled "misunderstood"
Please look to my blog for "translations" of Robert Frosts Poems
here is another one for you to enjoy

Acquainted with the night.

I one were puttings with the chain of the night. I have to have I do am under the rain and the posterior part under the rain. I have outwalked with another light of the city. I observed in the content of the alley of the city more sadder. They passed for the guard in his heartbeat and I leaves to fall my eyes, little soon for deexpliquer. They to me are stopped tranquil and I established the noise of the feet when distant distant distant distant a outcry stopped seam from the houses in a another way, but ordered not to call behind or while not saying goodbye; And promuovete always with a dimension of sublime, pulse of shooting of the light or meeting to the sky does not have the proclamato that time was nobody is made rectum people. I one were puttings with the chain of the night.