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before you do have a read about Becks Wacko religious practices taken from

Preparing yourself for the Beck interview

If you interview Beck Hansen you will probably be monitored and may have to agree not to discuss his controversial personal life. Keep the following in mind.

1. Beck is relatively uneducated. He has just an eighth grade education, and most of this education seems to have been in Scientology schools. He most likely has never had conventional education in science or health. This is by cult design, because a lack of education makes a victim easier to manipulate.

2. Beck is likely unaware of much of the "wog" world around him. Scientologists are typically discouraged from watching television or reading the newspaper. Many have installed on their computers supposedly innocent software provided to them by the COS that blocks a long list of key words, names, and websites. Their e-mails and web surfing may be monitored. Beck will most likely not be able to discuss the elections, the war, or the economy. He may never even have voted. A cult member is taught that his primary purpose in life is to raise money for the cult, and in Beck's case, as a Scientologist, to 'clear' the planet-in other words, recruit everyone into Scientology.

The offices of the Church of Scientology are highly compartmentalized. Individual members are rarely aware of what is going on within the Church. By keeping the compartments of Scientology separate, Hubbard ensured that no one would have a complete and true picture. So Scientologists generally have little accurate information. Scientologists are convinced that they belong to the only group who can save Mankind. (1) Beck is probably not aware of any of the abusive practices of the cult. The news he receives about Scientology from his handlers consists of carefully sanitized updates that offer only positive news and dismiss media reports as total lies.

3. Scientologists do not generally associate with non-cult members in their daily lives. With the exceptions of his publicist and his manager, Beck's legal and personal work is most likely conducted by Scientology lawyers and other handlers. As with other Scientologists, Beck likely must consult his case supervisor about how to handle any conflicts that arise or significant decisions to be made, both personal and business.

4. A Scientologist believes that the cult's hypnotic, brainwashing auditing sessions and the E-meter used during them can read his mind and he must not withhold anything from his auditor. This means that every aspect of Beck's life may have been revealed during auditing: his sexual thoughts and activities, his feelings about other people, any crimes he may have committed or illegal drugs he may have used, etc. Information obtained during auditing is carefully recorded in a computer data base. Scientologists know this information is kept on file. Scientologist officials have a well-documented history of using this information to blackmail and harass members who leave the Church and dare speak out about their experiences.

5. A Scientologist is expected to tell his case supervisor everything he has said and done. For example, if you engage Beck in a conversation about the evils of Scientology, he must tell his case supervisor this, and he may be ordered to stay away from you. He may also be disciplined in some way. While Scientologists are often self-confident and self assertive, they are not allowed to discus their "cases" (difficulties), and are discouraged from even thinking about personal problems outside the counseling room. They are prohibited from entering detailed discussions of Scientology ("verbal tech"), and from voicing criticism of Scientology. (2)

6. A Scientologist must inform on his parents, his wife, his children and his other Scientologist friends, acquaintances, and co-workers should he witness them engaging in "overt" activity contrary to cult teachings. This snitching is called a "knowledge report." If a Scientologist is aware of out-ethics behavior (violation of Scientology rules) by another Scientologist and fails to file a knowledge report about it, he himself will be considered out-ethics if the behavior is discovered.

7. If anyone a Scientologist knows is perceived to disapprove of Scientology, the Scientologist may be ordered to "disconnect"-that is, to sever all contact-from that person, even if it is his own wife, parent, or child; he would have to do so and never see or speak to that person again. This disconnection policy is strenuously enforced.

8. Scientologists are required to sign a release form containing the so-called "Lisa Clause" which states that the signer opposes all psychiatric treatment and authorizes representatives of the COS to intervene to prevent psychiatric treatment and instead forcibly place him on "Introspection Rundown" if his case supervisor deems it necessary. This is the same treatment that resulted in the death of Lisa McPherson, the Clearwater Scientologist who tried to escape the cult but was returned to their custody and died 17 days later. The wayward member is locked up in isolation, even against his will, and rarely spoken to; he is not permitted contact with family, friends, or loved ones, and may be denied appropriate medical care, and "audited" until his case supervisor believes he is ready to behave properly.

9. If you criticize the cult in a Scientologist's presence, he may become irate. He has been trained to attack you verbally and dismiss all your claims as lies and religious bigotry. He has been taught that anyone who speaks out against Scientology is criminally insane. It has been widely reported that an active member believes it is OK to lie to a non member about anything.

10. According to mental health professionals experienced in rehabilitating cult victims, a Scientologist who is currently "on lines" lives in an altered mental state. He will display a pseudo personality should one challenge his cultic beliefs. His ability to think critically has been severely diminished by brainwashing, hypnosis, and coercive handling techniques. There are many academic texts on this phenomenon that detail the ways in which Scientologists are controlled. (Dr. Singer and Dr. Langone's works are good sources of information.)

11. Scientologists generally shun conventional medicine, believing illnesses are psychosomatic. To them, illness is a sign of weakness or failure, and they are inclined to treat it with auditing (though chiropractic and treatment with vitamins and herbs may be recommended as well). Since all illness are psychosomatic in the eyes of a Scientologist, members believe that everything from dyslexia to HIV/AIDS can be cured by Dianetics. (They even believe homosexuality can be "cured" by Scientology which outlaws homosexuality. Hubbard insisted that the Emotional Tone Level of a homosexual is "covert hostility": "they are back stabbers, each and every one." (3) )

12. In Scientology, it is considered immoral to do something for nothing. The starving and crippled are seen as living out self-generated misfortune. Coupling this to Hubbard's philosophy of exchange, Scientologists do not usually give to charity, except to Scientology causes, or in the interest of public relations. (4) One should therefore not expect Beck to participate as much in charitable events, such as Neil Young's Bridge School Concert or Willie Nelson's Farm Aid, as he did previously. Beck will most likely never again donate another song to KGSR's (Austin Texas) Broadcast News, a fund raiser for the SIMS Foundation which financially assists musicians in obtaining psychotherapy and psychiatric assistance. (Beck donated a performance of "Cold Brains" to the Vol. 10 edition in 2002 and thus helped raise over $200,000 for SIMS. Beck may have not realized what the charity represented, because helping anyone obtain psychiatric care would be considered an act of treason towards Scientology.) In 1997, Beck played for a benefit concert to raise money for Cure Autism Now. In publicity at the time, it was said that Ross Harris's son, Banjo, was autistic and that Beck was his godfather. More recently Ross Harris was putting together a Bruce Haack tribute, the sales of which would also benefit Cure Autism Now. Beck recorded "Funky Little Song" for the album. It was due out in September 2004, but it hasn't been released as of this writing. Is it possible that Beck's renewed commitment to Scientology and its beliefs is responsible for the delay? It is possible that Beck's participation in the Asian tsunami relief concerts is a public relations move for Scientology just as Tom Cruise's presence was used in "9/11" fund raisers to promote the cult.

13. All Scientologists are pressured to recruit. Any non-cult musicians and recording personnel who work with Beck should be prepared for recruitment pressure. In a 2004 interview with a German magazine, Adam Green of the Moldy Peaches admitted that Beck pressured him to visit the Scientology center, but Green declined to join. Beck's mother-in-law, Gay Ribisi, is a top Scientology recruiter. She received recognition in 2003 as a Power FSM (Field Staff Member), Scientologist who FAQ says "recruit people using selection slips for Scientology and get a 15% profit of the value of services purchased by their recruits in return." (A Power FSM has gotten at least 100 people either on the Bridge or to take a course to move up the Bridge during a particular year. The Bridge is short for "Bridge to Total Freedom" and represents completing advanced course work.)

14. As a celebrity Scientologist, Beck can receive the free services of the Scientology "slaves"of the Sea Org, the paramilitary division that commands and controls the entire Church of Scientology (members work long hours and sign billion-year contracts). Beck can have his yard maintained, his home cleaned, his meals cooked, his child babysat, etc. for free by Sea Org members. These people work long hours, seven days a week, for little or no pay. If they have children, they see very little of them, sometimes they only see their children for one hour a week. According to the affidavits of ex-Sea Org members, their children are warehoused virtually unattended in crowded, filthy back rooms at Celebrity Centre and elsewhere while their parents work. Their children are seldom held, spoken to, fed good meals, or washed and rarely receive medical care. They are typically not even given toys to play with.

15. The Scientologist's moral views conflict greatly with those of the all major world religions. Scientology glorifies personal wealth, and teaches people that they are not responsible for the condition of the world. (5) Certain basic, Christian values are despised by the Scientologist, who considers them misconceived. Humility is supplanted by self-pride. Searching self-criticism is considered dangerous. Material wealth is a virtue. Charity creates dependence. In Scientology, there is no concept of God, nor of grace. The Scientologist is in every respect a self-made Thetan (being). (6) There are Hubbard teachings that call Jesus a "lover of young boys" and proclaim that Mohammed "invented" the Muslim religion to stimulate trade in his hometown.