Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Lida Project Pokes fun at itself
I love this website and the Preview for the show which is really a funny idea. It says Kabuki theatre gone wrong. I LOVE IT. I am going to promote the hell out of this ironic comedy. It seems the writer of this has gone to alot of trouble to even create the "mythos" of the status-quo "tortured crazy artist" who has visions into realms that we as ordinary mortals cannot see into. He grew up around the meat cutting industry and then (this is the part we always here in the how to be a tortured artist guidebooks) "I had a near death experience that left a troubling imprint upon my being. This resulted in depth of being and void, of myself, and ripples through my work. In August 2000 I graduated with a BFA in Sculpture and Drawing, and have been investigating multiple avenues of creativity. I consider myself not just a visual artist in sculpture, painting, & drawing, but also a writer, storyteller, designer, fabricator, performer, and illustrator. I have recently fallen in with Motoman Project on several ventures. I am also developing a performance group around a live band and Kabuki theatre.
Needless to say, sleep and sanity have left the building."

It is great to see the Lida Project poking fun at it's own conventions that have failed in the past and using the Kabuki theatre gone wrong as a way of making fun of the Cliched modes of performance art, by doing just that throwing cliche after cliche at the audience. I will make sure to see all of the performances by the Thoth engine. Check the out in Denver in may at the LIDA PROJECT. the last show that I saw at the LIDA was the most pretentious piece of garbage I have ever seen atleast this show seems to be making fun of the "cult of genius artist" and trying to make people laugh at the same time.