Friday, February 25, 2005


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I wanted to post this picture of another TRUE AMERICAN. unlike the republican losers that are trying to trample on the free speech rights of Ward Churchill as well as that of other americans, Larry Flynt publisher of Hustler Magazine was a voice for all america, he fought for all of our freedoms. As republican conservative losers were battling to quiet him he fought to perserve our right to free speech. Now we can see we have never learned from our recent past, Ward Churchhill while you may or may not agree with what he had to say in his essay it is your duty as american to help protect his right to free speech. Instead many unpatriotic americans are working hard to silence him and have him fired from his job. We must remember that "if a scumbag" like Larry Flynt has the right to free speech all of will have the right to free speech. if we decide to slowly strip away our rights in the name of free or objection to insult we soon will be exactly like the nazi's that Ward Churchill makes a comparison to in his essay.