Monday, February 28, 2005

Why BECK SUCKS: By Gary Norris

Another one off the artist roll-call for life.

Well, you can find my Beck albums in the dumpster behind my house. Some rare vinyl there, too. I missed it for about ten minutes. I can't support a scientologist. Here and Here.

Sucking Satan's Pecker. Suck it, Beck! Suck it. (Bill Hicks: you're the gift that keeps on giving; I miss you.)

And all you zombie fans, the great mass of consumer walking dead, you need to check your shit at the door: wake up before throwing yourselves in front of the trainwreck that is his cult life simply to protect your young God Hansen's honor in the comments section of Dagzine. Your God is a listed member in a dangerous cult--a real fascist organization. He seeks their advice and pays dues.

Mindlessly sink millions into Geffen's and the Church of Scientology's pockets, if you must. That's your choice. I'm not interested in hearing claims of artistic genius. Today is truth day; it's really quite simple: Beck is a Scientologist; he is a follower; he is a stooge; he is a shill; and, consequently, he's off the artist's roll call for life.

I wish this were somebody I could find it easier to hate: somebody like Bono or Sting; raging hypocrites. Somebody who is so obviously enlisted in Satan's Secret Service. Problem with cults is that members are often uneducated victims. So, Beck is probably no more than a pathetic rich boy: can you see Travolta, Cruise, and Beck cruising the yellow brick road in search of the illusive courage, heart, and intellect to break free from the oppression of the Church? Pathetic.

It always ends up being the one you want to like, doesn't it? I always thought Beck was a bit of a rebel pop icon. What a let down.

Bye-Bye Beck. Nice knowing you. And, for you locals who know where I live: trash pick-up is on Thursday. Get grubbing, because I'm not digging those lps out.

Uhmm, Peter and I will be using the vinyl for some remixology projects...good idea, PSY. Thanks.