Monday, February 21, 2005

response to comment posted on my blog

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"If you had any idea how the world economy worked, you would know that the only reason you can afford to have this blog is because of those soldiers. America gets the majority of it's oil from South America not the middle east. It is the other countries that need cheap oil flowing from that region. So why should we care? Our economy is tied to theirs, so if their's goes south, so does ours. You can rant about oppression and "no blood for oil" all you want, but when we go into a depression and you can't afford your starbucks and wear your GAP clothes, I'll bet you sing a different tune.

Air Force LT. "

WOW i bet i will be singing a different tune. i think i will be happy. you see I am waiting for the day when the people who control our surplus Haliburton and god knows who else get fucked over by the chinese and india. it seems i am just and ignorant "KID" who needs to be put into my place by a big bad airforce Lt. I have never ranted about blood for OIl infact i might be in favor or the iraq war if Bush and his clowns would'nt have lied to get the war started. WE DO NEED OIL ,PLAIN AND SIMPLE. but we don't need our leaders lieing to start a war in the name of FREEDOM. Human beings are by nature evil and greedy and will do anything to get what they want. so why not be honest about it.I think i will be just fine without my starbucks coffee and gap clothes i have lived on 11,000 dollars a year or less for the past 5 years and if the economy goes "south"(south is a term refering to mexico) i will be happy to eat out of garbage cans and look for other ways to survive ( i have done this is the past and can do it again). The way that our country is working right now, it is not me or people like me that will have a hard time ( people who are living simple) it will be the clowns driving their SUV's and living way beyond their means that will be whining and stabbing their neighbor in the back for a slice of bread.
trust me my freedom is a freedom that i have earned by not toeing the line and living blindly.I don't want to sound as if I am anti-military I AM ANTI-WAR, I have an uncle who served in the airforce who i am extremly proud of because I believe he has a conscience that goes way beyond the simple rhetoric dished out by the bush admin that most of the United states military buys into. I will continue to write againts the war in iraq i will continue to write againts the bush admin.. and lets hope to god i can get on his watch list..