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army heros mud wrestle

army heros
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Here is some exciting news about our soilders in Iraq who we are being urged to support. i say support them by bringing them home and stop this insanity.. here is what are tax dollars are paying for MUD WRESTLING !! yes indeed MUD WRESTLING !! as well as an occupation that is forcing democracy on the people.. seems like a contridiction to occupy a country to force a democratic state on them.. wonderful idea.. i think the Nazi and the communists did the same thing as well.. speaking of comparing american forgien policy to that of the NAZI party Prof.Churchill will keep his job at the university of colorado boulder despite all of the commie squaking from the right wing ..<"American heroes ZEROES">
above is link to a website that features some soilders that are based out of the wonderful camp that the mud wrestling took place.. this is all in the wake of an army general declaring on national televison " our soilders can't wait to get back to Iraq, killing them Iraqis is a HOOT !!!" here is the article for you to read.
Army red-faced over
new prison antics

Startling pictures of wild Iraq party


Pvt. Allen, the Camp Bucca flasher, shows how she got busted from specialist.

Female soldiers stripped to their skivvies for a mud-wrestling bout, and sergeants allegedly were lending their rooms to G.I.s for sex last year at the Army's Camp Bucca prison in Iraq.

Photos of a wild Oct. 30 party at the camp show women soldiers baring their breasts to male onlookers, and other female G.I.s clad only in bras and panties wrestling and cavorting in a mud-filled plastic pool as men cheer, leer and snap pictures.

The episode, which experts called a serious breakdown of military discipline, prompted a probe in Iraq and still is under investigation by stateside military authorities.

A series of 30 photos of the goings-on were leaked to the Daily News recently.

The soldiers involved had been assigned to guard Iraqi prisoners being transferred to Camp Bucca from the scandal-scarred Abu Ghraib prison.

A source familiar with the camp said bright lights seen in some of the pictures may have been trained on large, open-air holding pens - indicating that Iraqi detainees could have seen or heard the commotion.

But an Army spokesman in Baghdad denied the incident happened within sight or earshot of Iraqi detainees.

"Bucca is a large detainee camp, and soldiers are in a completely different area from detainees," said Lt. Col. Barry Johnson, an Army spokesman in Baghdad. "This happened behind some buildings set off in an area that would not have been seen by detainees." A commander's inquiry was conducted at Camp Bucca but a report was not filed until Dec. 8 - nearly six weeks after the incident and more than a month after most of the soldiers involved had returned to the U.S.

The more serious allegations - that various sergeants had organized the party, lent their rooms to soldiers for sex and were seen "noticeably drunk" during the episode - are being investigated by military authorities in the U.S.

"Soldiers have access to nonalcoholic beer, but alcohol is strictly prohibited under General Order 1," Johnson said. "There is no evidence that alcohol was involved."

At the time, there were about 4,000 detainees at Camp Bucca. The prisoner-to-guard ratio was 7 to 1 - above the ideal 5-to-1 ratio but nowhere near the ratio at Abu Ghraib, which varied from 15 to 1 to, at times, 75 to 1.

So far, only one soldier has been punished. Deanna Allen, 19, of Black Mountain, N.C., was demoted from specialist to private first class. Allen, of the 105th Military Police Battalion, is still a guard at Camp Bucca, where four prisoners were killed last week during a riot in one of the camp's 10 compounds.

The mud-wrestling party allegedly was organized by sergeants of the 160th Military Police Battalion, an Army Reserve unit from Tallahassee, Fla., to celebrate their return to the States that week.

They were replaced by the 105th Battalion, a National Guard unit from Asheville, N.C.

A stateside probe was launched by the leaders of the 160th on Jan. 9. But by then most participants and witnesses had scattered and returned to their civilian jobs.

To date, no one from the 160th has been punished, according to its commander, Col. Isadore Rommes.

The episode "came at a time when a unit was preparing to leave and there was a transfer of authority," said Johnson, the Army spokesman. "But that is not an excuse. Some people did some stupid things."

Flasher was just 'very stressed'

BLACK MOUNTAIN, N.C. รข€” A yellow ribbon circles a spreading shade tree outside the modest, single-story brick house where Deanna Allen's family awaits her return from Iraq.

The pretty, blond G.I. enlisted in the National Guard after 9/11 because "she wanted to do her part" after the terrorist attacks, her grandmother told the Daily News.

Allen had spent three years in the ROTC program at nearby Henderson High and was allowed to graduate six months early so she could go to boot camp, her grandmother, Luci Tomlin, said.

But she wasn't in Iraq for more than a few weeks before she found herself at the center of a breakdown in military discipline at the prison the Army was calling a model of reform after the Abu Ghraib abuse scandal.

Allen is the Camp Bucca flasher.

Photos of the 19-year-old military policewoman smiling and baring her breasts for leering male soldiers are the centerpiece of a series of scandalous snapshots taken during a mud-wrestling sexcapade at the camp in Umm Qasr.

Allen "is very patriotic and 100% American," Tomlin said. "She was a leader and she had tremendous potential but she wants to fit in so much she doesn't always use as much discretion as she should."

Other soldiers "dared her to do it," Tomlin said.

"She is a very beautiful young woman," the grandmother said, "and she is built like the proverbial ... well, you know. She gets a lot of male attention."

Tomlin said her granddaughter had a troubled childhood and was "very stressed out, being so far away from her family." Allen, who is still serving in Iraq, was demoted after military brass saw the photos.

"It's a shame," Tomlin said. "You take away the guys and the booze and she'd take on Saddam Hussein himself."