Sunday, February 13, 2005

american hero in action

american heroes
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Here is a photo of an american hero freeing the oppressed Iraqis.. "Let's bring democarcy to IRAQ"
A supposed "soilder" in iraq posted a comment on my blog saying that people in iraq have been running up to them proud of their stained fingers from voting .. It is probally because these people are afraid if they don't vote they will have their rations taken away. i have been reading Iraqi blogs and emailing with one iraqi who have told me of the oppresion of the american army.
it is pure and simple bullshit to say our tax dollars are going to free the people of IRAQ ,there are billions of people under the rule of an oppressive goverment, some of whom we are allies with (saudi arabia). America sits back and watches as many african nations are involved in genocide far worse then the 50,000 kurds that were killed in iraq ( and that is horrible) but we as a nation are being blinded by the bush admins simplistic rhetoric. please wake up soilders you are toiling away to make haliburton rich. you are slaves to OIL your lives are being wasted. .. lets me make this clear to anyone who claims to be a soilder and posts anything on my blog about how horrible i am because i am againts the occupation of iraq. I DO NOT CARE THAT YOU ARE A SOILDER. YOU ARE BETRAYING THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE FOR TAKING UP ARMS AGAINTS OTHER HUMANS. PLAIN AND SIMPLE..i don't want to hear about how so many vets fought for my freedoms.. because those same vets and soilders today are the same airheads that voted for Bush and are spending their days mud wrerstling and torturing prisoners in iraq while our freedoms here in america are slowly being stripped from us. not by the bush admin either but by a nation paralyzed with fear.