Monday, January 03, 2005

Mardis Gras Ramba

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My Wife is to be asking me if i want to want to be going to this one event in new orleans.. i am trying to decide. hmmm it is jsut that i am going to be the best man at my bestest friends wedding in april and i need to save my days off for his wedding..
here is a link to the website for the conference.. it is totalvo right up my alley.. exactly what i am interested in.

From Logos “the word” to Logo “the icon,” the situation that English Studies finds itself in at the beginning of the 21st century is one of mixed cultures, integrated technologies, and hybrid writing styles. Visual rhetoric is vying for the same status as textual rhetoric, and scientists, educators, and artists continue to utilize a postmodern idea of fragmentation to redefine the stark binaries and boundaries of literacy from critical/personal to art/science to left brain/right brain. The current trend towards hybrid genres creates a new kind of literacy that has gained recognition through interdisciplinary fields, such as film studies, American studies, educational technology studies, and communication studies. This conference invites presentations from all disciplines to explore the relationships between text and image and its impact on literacy.

Possible panels include:
performative, intertextual and/or hypertextual writing new media in the classroom

benefits of digital text

(computer) memory and self: searching for the individual online

fragmentation of identity through fragmented text

somewhere between the written and the oral: using film as a pedagogical tool

photography: the visual text

performative writing and the conference paper; performing the conference paper

orality in a textual world

advertising as a cultural mirror

Barthes and punctum: memory as text

ethnography: mapping the personal

searching for the diegesis in different mediums

hybrid truths: the nonfiction ego

FragmentNation: the subversion of racial and gender identity markers

Abstracts are invited on these topics or on work that interprets the conference theme more broadly. Creative submissions are definitely welcome. The conference is also open to those who wish to attend without presenting a paper. The deadline for abstracts (no more than 500 words) is October 15, 2004 to