Friday, January 21, 2005

Lil' Markie (Volume 1)

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Lil' Markie

There's no photos or credits anywhere on this album. Just the sickly drawing on the cover and a list of song titles. I bought it for 50 cents on a hunch after noticing the title: "Diary of an Unborn Child".

As far as bizarre Christian LPs, I gotta say, this is this most extreme thing I've ever heard. It's some full grown man with a munchkin voice, singing terrifying songs about drug use, abortion and being a fat kid and each fill me with a profound sense of dread, horror, and disgust.

At one point, he acts out the part of a baby fetus, telling how happy he is to have fully formed fingernails at 4 1/2 weeks, and a well functioning heart after 6 1/2 weeks, etc., etc.

And then ... You can guess what happens.

This really, truly scared me the first couple times I played it, and I haven't played it since. Gotta include for that reason. Here's an MP3 of "Diary of an Unborn Child" in it's entirety. Hear it for yourself.
please have a listen just copy and paste the link
seriously fucked up