Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I DO NOT MEAN THIS IN THE LITERAL WAY BUT I THINK THAT ONE SHOULD DAILY CLEANSE THEMSELVES OF THAT WHICH THEY THINK IS THEMSELVES.. I wish i could write in depth about Personal family issues that are currentyl happening.. but i cannot first because it is not proper to talk about what others are up to in the day to day.. leave that up to them to talk about

The act of intentionally killing oneself; also someone who does this. The frequency of attempted suicide is 20 times higher than actual suicide. Three times more women than men attempt suicide, and three times more men succeed. Men tend to use more violent methods like gunshot wounds to the head; women are more likely to take an overdose. Over 6,000 people in the USA use handguns to kill themselves each year. The highest suicide rate for both sexes is in the over-75 age group. Hungary has the highest suicide rate in this age category at 108 per 100,000 (1992). Suicide among people aged 18–24, although relatively infrequent, is the third leading cause of death, after accidents and homicides, in the UK.

Although considered a crime in most countries, some have considered it acceptable in the past, for example hara-kiri in Japan is a means of avoiding dishonour, and in India widows were thought to become deified by burning themselves on their husband’s funeral pyre, a practice known as suttee.

Suicide rates vary considerably among countries. Rates below 5 per 100,000 are considered low; 5–15 medium; 15–30 high; and above 30 very high. Estonia has the highest suicide rate (38, 1993), and Armenia the lowest (2.8, 1992). Rates are lower in Latin America than in North America, and lower in southern Europe than in other European countries. Suicide rates in Islamic countries are considerably lower than in Buddhist or Christian countries, and Roman Catholic countries tend to have lower rates than Protestant ones. Suicide rates in the European states of the former USSR are very high. There has been an increase in suicide among elderly men and adolescents since 1960. In the USA, for example, suicide rates for the elderly increased 226% for men and 110%for women 1960–92. The UK is the only European country with a clear decrease in old-age suicide among both men and women (60% and 55% respectively, 1992), although in 1985–95 the overall suicide rate in the UK increased by 71%.

China accounts for 40% of the world’s suicides and it is the only country where female suicides outnumber male suicides – approximately 25% of female deaths in the 15–44 age group are suicides.