Saturday, January 08, 2005

150,000 plus dead

The Tsunami is by far the single most horrific thing that has happened in any of our lifetimes...and here in america we are so far away from what happend that is seems almost unreal. but i can only imagine the suffering that millons of people in the 11 countries effected by this are feeling. I listened to this wonderful radio program called talk of the nation the other day. it was a forum for people of different faiths to talk about thier religions perspective of diasters of this magnitude. it was alarming to hear the fundamentalist XTIAN perspective as well as the muslim perspective of an angry god who is punishing people. a ultra conseervative jewish man was on the program talking about how the jews are the chossen people and a pure people who are a lamp light for humanity ( A ROLE MODEL IF YOU WILL) scary that people really think that somehow they are role models for all of the human race .. but so do we as americans think the same thing. yet again another reason to be an athiest. i do have to say that a woman of the buddhist faith simply said that things like this happen it is imperative that we learn from this and move on.
with that said moving on
i saw the hit movie SIDEWAYS last night.. what an amazing film ig you see it you will have seen it.