Thursday, December 16, 2004

They don't celebrate XMAS !!!

I over heard a conversation at work the other day. it was a group a christian women saying this " and over in iraq those people don't even celebrate xmas"
NO SHIT !!! And guess what they could give a rats ass about your bake sale or hannakuh.
theses are the same people when i told them i am a atheist they could not believe it.. i told them this mainly because i was sick of getting little christian messages on my desk.. like the little anti-homosexual phamplets ( saying things like how liberals have a hidden agenda to teach homosexuality in our schools).
it is unreal the stupidity of this country right now. and the entire media has gone loco for christians as well .. ofr instance Cnn has been giving the christian perspective on world news issues.. and much to my surprise i learned from a christian freak on cnn that " god has a special plan that is just now starting to work out" thanks god it is all spelled out in "your bible"
just be fore warned it will only get worse before it gets better. theses are the same freaks that are workiing double time to get "EVOLUTION" out of public schools.. they want to teach something called "intelligent design" ( which by the way there is a great article about this hogwash at
I think i will have a once a week post called "stupid things christians and conservatives say"