Thursday, December 23, 2004

paris hilton cultural icon

Originally uploaded by totalvo.
here is a painting i made during the summer of paris hilton.. i think she is THE cultural icon for american in the 21st century. atleast for today. but you have to admit she embodies everything about the american spirit.. and she is not fucking around when she does that. she does not try to be the asexual christian icon. and does not say she want to have children and loves her country.. no no no paris loves shopping, cars,men,money,jewels,jet planes,resorts everything that is what americans want. we like to kid ourselves that we are pious people but really we want to get ours... look at paris in the painting.. this is taken from an actual photo of her.. the images is upon first look madonna with child. but as we look closer we can see that it is really " paris with dog" . paris poses herself into all sorts of poses that reference your art history 101 text book. you can see her as oylmpia. or as a goya painting. or a jeff koons "pink panther" or even as jeff koons "sex photos" on his wedding night. all of us had the chance to see paris getting fucked by her boyfriends video camera. what a post-post-modern dream come true. a performance artist who destroys fiction while giving us permission for our own self gratifying obessions.
Paris's hit TV show the "Simple Life" completes her and her intentional or unintentional mission to appeal to the masses who desire the "real". reality TV is the hallmark of postmodernism that greatest thing we as a civilization have truly accomplished. Reality TV says ( and this is not intended to be ironic) We our so in love with ourselves we only want to watch people on the television if we ourselves have a chance to be on that screen. it is the ulitmate in selfishness, and that is what the american is today. To be an american today is to avoid feeling bad to avoid thinking beyond the self. and to seek the "real" while creating fictions to validate what is "real". we truly deserve paris hilton.