Wednesday, December 08, 2004

movie script ideas

here is a wonderful blog by a hollywood "insider" who is posting actual script ideas that were pitched to said gender less person

Well as long as there's SOME female masturbation...

Comedy/coming of age

In this comedy of sex, music, rhythm and teen age life, an African American teen-age virgin bares the secrets of her soul---her secret sex fantasies, her secret desires and her own personal experiments with sex---all while she is playing Shakespeare and dancing across the disco bars of East L.A. Patricia Venable is a sexy, seductive African-American high school teen-ager who takes the role of Cordelia in Shakespeare's play, "King Lear" in a neighborhood theatre group. She expects to meet people who serious, sober and obsessed with the dramatic arts. Instead, she finds herself dancing across the disco bars of East L.A., with names like, "Shakespeare's Bawdy," "Hamlet's Prick" and "Ophelia's Crotch." She expects to be overwhelmed with the grandeur of Shakespeare; instead she finds herself overwhelmed with her emerging sexuality, as she must deal with her feelings about masturbation, homeorotic feelings and her increasing sexual attraction for the director of the play, a young man in his late 'twenties. Fortunately, she finds a sympathetic African American doctor with whom she can discuss her emerging sexuality. Finally, in the end she overcomes her fears and insecurities and goes on to play a great role. Film includes some discussions of human sexuality from the French deconstructionist philosophers, especially their bizarre and quixotic theories on masturbation. Some female masturbation scenes, a homoerotic love scene; no explicit sex."
here is the blog address