Thursday, December 30, 2004

Before and After

Before and After
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Here we can see some photos of the devastation of from the Tsunami. Horrible is all i can say. we should remember that the death toll as i am writing this is 117,000 and climbing, the total deaths during the vietnam war were 1954-65: 160-170,000 VNese (p.324) this tsunami has killed 40% as many people in less then 3 minutes. Again i hate to be a pisser and critical of the AP and televison media but this story is by far the single most important story of the past 50 years ( hiroshima and nagasaki) and good morning fucking america has been doing some amazing stories about whats going to be hot in 2005. the barbarian invasion of the USA is not from muslims but fucking couch potato idiots glued in apathy to the TV. i want to say i watch my share of TV and i love watching some of my programs BUT FUCK ALL. if there were 116,000 americans or euros killed by a giant wave that exploded out of our TV's fuck all we would'nt stop hearing about it for fucking years.
do i sound PISSED.
also please donate some money to the red cross to help.